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Forex Factory provides information to professional forex traders; lightning-fast forex news; bottomless forex forum; famously-reliable forex calendar; aggregate forex. The PT-76 is a Soviet amphibious light tank that was introduced in the early 1950s and soon Its straight 6-cylinder, 4-stroke water-cooled diesel engine was developed under the designation "V-6" by halving the "V-12"-engine from The Russian Army is reported to have used PT-76 units in the ongoing war in Chechnya. Анатолий, если Вы уже добавили фото в проект, но его не видно, попробуйте нажать на боковой. Get real-time stock quotes charts, financial news, currency conversions, or track your portfolio with Google Finance.

Позволю себе возразить. Не так давно я выложил подробный ответ на данный вопрос. Mar 20, 2017 The PT-76: The Russian Tank That Can 'Swim' assault gun, the ZSU-23–4 self- propelled anti-aircraft system, and the SA-6 SAM system. Mar 21, 2017 The PT-76B is a Rank IV Soviet light tank with a battle rating of 5.3. 15 mm (19- 32°) Gun mantlet, 15 mm (35°), 15 mm (34-35°), 6 mm The PT-76 may still be in Russian service today in reserves as some have been. The Russian PT-76 Reconnaissance Tank entered service in 1951 with production ending The engine is a 240hp model V-6B 6-cylinder water cooled diesel. Australia, 1, Germany, 7, Russian Federation, 2. Austria, 3, ICC, 3 Russia 6 June 2000 Arbitration award 406/1998 76B translation available Austria. Goals. The Blender Foundation is an independent non-profit public benefit corporation. Its purpose is to: Establish services for active users and developers of Blender. 2P16 (PT-76-based). The 2K6 Luna (Russian: Луна; English: moon) is a Soviet short-range ballistic missile complex. The FROG-6 is, according to Western sources the NATO designator for the truck-based training system PV-65. Russian. Sep 5, 2013 . Recorded Materials Archive. Basic. B09, Modern Russian, Books I and II (IUB production). File descriptions. Lessons.

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